India Australia Exchange Forum (IAEF) – Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Contribution

he Buddha Education Foundation, in collaboration with the India Australia Exchange Forum conducted a ‘Sensitize to Sanitize (S2S) campaign to cover the following areas:

1. Individual House Hold Latrines (IHHL) – Mostly in the rural areas-one toilet for each family attached or near their homes
2. School Sanitation & Hygiene Education (SSHE) – Covering construction of toilets in schools and educating children and school authorities on need for toilet and hygiene
3. Community Toilets – where the community will maintain the toilets – lot of work here involving community mobilization and education besides toilet construction
4. Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) –(training) to educate, create awareness of toilets and sanitation and drive behaviour change in communities

Construction of Household single Sanitory Units at Village Jeemarpura/Delhi:
The residents of the village Jheemarpura are economically underprivileged and belong to Scheduled Caste. Out of 100 households, only 5 have individual toilets in their homes. The rest resort to open defecation in the adjoining agriculture fields. This seriously compromises the security of the women and children who go out into the field under cover of darkness , early morning or late evening. it is our objective to provide individual toilets to all the villagers and prevent the practice of open defecation.

Construction of 5 units have bought smiles to the faces of the villagers..sensing a breathe of relief on seeing a Sanitory unit in their house after years of Defecating in the fields.

Each Sanitary unit has a a Brick and roof structure having a life of about 40 plus years, RCC Roofing neatly cured, well finished structure, a Light connection, a water connection opening with a miniature tap, a twin pit which would get filled up in about 3 years which is perfect for scarcity water areas.

Training (also called BCC- Behaviour change community)
After the construction of the units,the NGO training (followed as regularly) done to make the beneficiaries know about the importance of using a saniitory unit, how to change between pits after it fills up in 3-4 years, how to keep the sanitary unit clean, why to wash hands after using the Toilet.

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