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Welcome to Buddha Education Foundation
The Foundation was registered as a trust in 1996 under Indian Trust Act, 1882 under the Chairmanship of Dr. Udit Raj, currently a Member of Parliament in the Lok Sabha representing the North West constituency of Delhi. The Trust has aims to work for the development and growth of Dalit, Backwards, Minorities, Women and other marginalized entrepreneurs by organizing various activities like providing information and guidance to new and existing entrepreneurs.

The Trust has been involved in various projects targeting betterment in lives of different strata of society. We have worked with the National Horticulture Board to aid farmers, primarily those belonging to the minority sections, to increase their awareness about improved methods of agriculture and aid them in increasing their productivities, and consequently their incomes.

Another project that we have worked on is as a part of the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. Our aim in this project was to increase enrollments in schools and decrease drop-out rates along with skill training on various subjects. We have also focused on providing, apart from regular curriculum based education, vocational training to students, such as agarbatti making, sewing etc. Our aim has always been to increase employability of students and ensure that they are trained in various cottage industry level activities.

Our most recent project was on women empowerment and skill training of 5000 women in North west Delhi – we aimed to provide a woman with an independent means of livelihood and create awareness among them regarding their constitutional and legal rights. This was undertaken under an integrated development program, under which our trust has trained 5000 beneficiaries in various livelihood program from different villages of Delhi. The special women groups as targeted beneficiaries had been selected on the basis of the need of womenfolk who are either economically dependent, or are socially and culturally backward and deprived from their basic rights.

Our emphasis has always been to create overall awareness and modernization among weaker section of society to provide better source of livelihood and development. It also registered under Section 80(g) of the Income Tax Act.
Dr. Udit Raj
Dr.Udit Raj was born into a Dalit Hindu family of Allahabad District in the state of Uttar Pradesh. He was originally Ram Raj and studied in an Uttar Pradesh Government School. Dalits are also called the "untouchables," "outcastes," and most recently, "slumdogs," comprise nearly one quarter of India's society, with population estimate of 250 million people. The term "Dalit" means "those who have been broken and ground down deliberately by those above them in the social hierarchy." Dalits live at risk of discrimination, dehumanization, violence, and enslavement every day. By all global research and reports, the Dalits constitute the largest number of people categorized as victims of modern-day slavery.
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