About Us

Our mission is to improving the living conditions of vulnerable populations

Buddha Education Foundation is established by Dr.Udit Raj, the leader that has truly believed in the legacy of Lord Buddha born in this land. As a spiritual organisation leading the Dalits and common people into achieving their spiritual goal of Nirvana and self realization, the Buddha Education Foundation is spearheaded by a highly qualified and serious leader as Dr. Udit Raj who himself had converted to Buddhism in a Mass rally on November 4, 2001 at Delhi in the presence of the national and International representatives and Media.

Over the years, the organisation has been serving people in various ways like through schools , meditation , trainings , meetings and seminars . It’s objectives have been to empower the dalits mainly in their lives to follow in the footsteps of Lord Buddha and shed the centuries old discrimination. To make this path more known to the interested in the global scene, the Buddha Education Foundation has started giving opportunities to the international community to serve the most needy by their visits to them and by their solidarity in their struggle for emancipation and becoming truly free.

The services enable the scores of Dalit leaders and Dalit organizations to serve their community better and to deliver them the most needed justice on a day to day on the ground. Led by Dr. Udit Raj, the Buddha Education Foundation is committed to provide holistic and life changing services to the most needy in the society by imparting faith in themselves and by inculcating self worth and giving the much needed education spiritually and in every manner.


Empowerment of the marginalized communities towards sustainable & participatory development process.


To acts locally with communities to promote sustainable social change by improving the living conditions of vulnerable populations, and by acting upon the causes of poverty and inequality and to be a Knowledge/ Execution Partner of Schools, NGOs, Corporates, and Government agencies for development programs across India.


The trust has aims to work towards enhancement of socio-economic status of Dalit, Backwards, Minorities, Women and other marginalized entrepreneurs like farmers by providing basic awareness, education and healthcare.



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